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Highly experienced in Criminal LawAttorney Derla R. Gross has been practicing for more than 28 years.  Of those years, she was a Felony Prosecutor and Felony Trial Supervisor in the Lake county Prosecutor’s Office for over 14 years.  For the last 14 years, Attorney Gross has provided representation in matters of serious criminal defense, traffic matters, license suspensions, drug offenses, family law and accident/injury law.  Her years of experience have given her the insight and knowledge required in order to provide reliable and effective representation.

In matters of Family Law, such as divorce, legal separation, custody, adoption and child support, we realize that this can be one of the most emotionally draining times of your life.  Attorney Gross is more than capable of vigorous and aggressive representation.  She will draw upon her years of experience and insight in order to ensure your best possible outcome.

In Accident/Personal Injury cases, our goal is to obtain the best possible result, given your unique and personal circumstances.  We will gladly review your case in order to determine whether suit should be filed.  There is no charge to you for the consultation.

Derla R. Gross is a member of the Criminal and Family Law sections of Lake County Bar Association and a member of the Indiana Public Defender’s council.  She services clients in Lake, Porter and Newton counties.

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